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ACT Logo
ACT Pamphlet

Client Project – Logo Design and Pamphlet

A lot of focus areas were requested by the client for the visual identity of the ACT logo with the overall message being:
“We are a diverse people, coming together with purpose and direction, moving our community forward, growing in 5 main areas of focus and 4 major industries.”

Since logos are at their best when kept simple in design without overpopulating with various imagery, a lot of thought was put into how to simplify and combine elements. As a result the following logo was designed to provide symbolic representations of what ACT is, who it represents, and what its purpose is.

The avatar/graphic was designed to provide maximum effect with as few elements as possible to maintain a professional and clean logo. The grass in the stem of act signifies ‘grass roots’. The 5 dots of different size and getting larger represent the growth of the 5 main areas of focus, people coming together and gaining strength, social responsibility and diversity (represented by varied sizes). The largest dot is green to represent unity and growth while the other 4 dots are brown to represent the 4 major industries. The compass needle has been mirrored from the Community Compass website to create a connection to that initiative but is also intended as part of the ACT logo to represent direction and goals. The arrow represents forward movement, innovation/learning and transportation.

The typeface has been chosen to balance the overall logo, as well as to provide readability and professionalism while keeping the logo warm and inviting.

The pamphlet was designed using the new logo as a branding guideline.