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Owners Link Logo
OwnersLINK Logo Design
Client Project

The OwnersLINK logo was created for a company that supplies customers and businesses with the opportunity to hire the equipment they need directly from a large database of primarily heavy equipment owners. It needed to be professional and relatable to both owner-operators and consumers/businesses so an avoidance of specifying a particular type of equipment was avoided and focus was placed more on a ‘linking’ aspect.
The link was placed between the two words connecting
them with the ‘s’ that can be seen between the two halves creating an interesting visual. This gives a forward motion into the word ‘LINK’ while maintaining a connection with ‘owner’ which keeps ‘ownersLINK’ as a single word. It also adds an avatar/graphic that can be used separately for identity purposes.The typeface was chosen for it’s heavy, masculine features to help represent the nature of the heavy equipment but was altered for unique design and clarity of the company name.